Help the customer find the perfect car at their convenience

Friction-free test drives

TextDrive rebuilt the test drive experience from the ground up. We use text message tech and automation to put you in the driver's seat from the moment you find the car of your dreams. Test drive on your terms, not the dealer's.

Fast and easy 3-step process for the public

Car shoppers! That's why we built TextDrive. It's time to start loving the experience of shopping for a car. P.S. we're cheaper (Free) than Ca**vana and as fast as Ama**on Prime. Did we mention we're free?

Friction-free integration and training for your team

Who in their right mind purchases a vehicle without seeing it first?

Test drive what you want, when you want, where you want. Want your test drive delivered? Track it while it's coming your way. Sweet.

Sell on your terms and keep communication open

TextDrive is like magic. We give online car shoppers the superpower of scheduling test drives without ever having to contact anyone at the dealership! Don't worry, you can still text a person at the dealer if you'd like.

Think of TextDrive as a combination of your favorite grocery stores 'drive up, pick up' service and those trendy ride-share taxi services. You know, the ones that conveniently show up as you watch their every turn while they drive to ya?

We created fancy texting software to help bring dealers into the future so people could love buying cars.

Test driving the car of your dreams should be easy, fun and painless. With TextDrive, we promise it is!

Test drive on your terms.


Join thousands of dealerships.

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